The end of ‘just bumping this’ emails

We're ending the need to choose between personalised content and being efficient. With RevvedUp, they go hand-in-hand so you can delight customers and move fast.

The end of ‘just bumping this’ emails

Chances are you’ve had an email that looks like this at some point in the last couple of weeks:

The ‘just bumping this’ has been a mainstay of outbound prospecting for years, since it was popularised by the ‘Agogee sequence’ which became the de facto way to book cold meetings.

And for a while, it was crazy effective.

But no longer.

Response rates have plummeted and you’re far more likely to end up in spam than a conversation with a decision maker.

The only alternative to date has been to personalise every email, but the time and effort is just prohibitive.

Here’s one example template from Hubspot:

It requires a rep to go and understand about the prospect, their company and the industry context in which they operate, then make sure they turn that knowledge into something that relevant to their solutions too.

They need to go look at their LinkedIn profile, website, maybe some news articles etc. and then refresh their memory on the latest internal messages supplied by marketing, case studies, thought leadership etc.

This might just be ok for the first email, taking 15-30 minutes for a high value prospect, before falling back to the generic ‘any thoughts?’ type of automated follow-up.

But with RevvedUp, you don’t need to make a choice between well researched and perfectly tailored content or the speed and efficiency of automated (but generic) follow-up nudges.

Set the framework

We believe that in order to cut through the competitive noise, you have to make every touch point with a prospect count.

That means delivering highly relevant content across every interaction - from email to LinkedIn, calls to landing pages - whether it's the first contact you’ve made or the 20th.

With the power of AI, harnessed in an easy to use system that gives you complete control, there’s now and easy way to set your teams up for success…and delight your buyers at the same time!

It all starts with building out sequences that deliver insights and hooks without the need for manual research.

To get going, you just need to create what steps you’d like to take in your outbound prospecting or inbound nurture programmes.

Then you can create hyper-relevant hooks to grab the attention of your prospects.

These can be everything from relevant observations based on their LinkedIn profile, to highlighting specifically why the latest research paper you released would be interesting to them (and which parts); sharing the most impactful case study or testimonial; to speaking about their challenges and jobs to be done in a way that shows you really understand their context.

Here’s what that looks like in practice:

Better yet? When they bite you can send them to a 100% personalised landing page that exactly matches the messaging and context they’ve seen from your previous messages, creating a far more consistent and impactful experience for the prospect:

3 scenarios this works particularly well

Scenario 1: Cold Prospecting

We know that 95% of buyers are not ‘in market’ to buy, but that doesn’t mean they’re not facing challenges and open to be educated on ways to improve their current situation.

By taking a more value-led approach to outbound, you can drip useful insights and thought leadership - highly tailored to their interests - so that you create a ‘perpetual content’ machine that keeps you front of mind.

The moment they are in-market (which will also be way before any general ‘intent signals’ are triggered), you’ll be the first meeting in the diary.

It means you can expand your sequences, burn through less leads and save your reps hours and hours of time in research and copywriting each week.

It’s a massive win-win!

Scenario 2: Inbound Nurture

If you’re struggling with converting leads from their initial download to a properly qualified opportunity, this is the answer.

Dropping leads into generic nurture programmes, however complex and well segmented they are (nightmarish to set-up and maintain, but that’s another point)...simply doesn’t work very well.

They had a specific need or interest when they came in contact with you, and it would be with blind luck that your content touches on that.

But as a marketing team you clearly can’t research and personalise every follow-up…whilst your sales team probably don’t have the capacity to touch each lead (and certainly not within a reasonable timeframe).

So why not set-up a nurture sequence when they receive 100% personalised and tailored messages + content recommendations that deepens the relationship and makes them feel well understood.

Your conversion rates will start to sky rocket!

Scenario 3: Deal progression

It’s so hard for reps to keep the momentum going in deals that last multiple weeks (and months) across several stakeholders.

Aside from general ‘how's it going’ or ‘any news/progress’ or ‘can we find time to catch-up’ there’s often no good reason to keep up regular contact between meetings, and it takes a huge amount of time and thought to add value with those touch points.

Now you can do it with RevvedUp, creating an ‘In Deal’ nurture flow that creates custom content to share with your opportunities based on their interests, even refined based on the conversations you’ve had with them so they have the context to land just right.

Never has it been so easy to stay in touch with meaningful communication and give you more time back to close more deals.

The next generation of engagement

To stand out and achieve exceptional results, by definition you have to do something out of the ordinary.

RevvedUp gives you the tools to make a real impact on your market, save time and 10x the quality of your communication with prospects and opportunities.

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