True Personalisation at Scale

Introducing RevvedUp's new 'Campaign' functionality, enabling your whole team to create perfectly curated content for every step of every sequence. You delight your prospects, enhance your existing tool stack, and free up hours of time for your reps!

True Personalisation at Scale

Every deal is powered by content, but great content is hard to create.

To capture the attention of busy prospects, in an increasingly competitive environment, you have to truly stand out in your approach.

This means really well researched outreach, highly relevant messaging, well positioned value and pitch-perfect personalisation.

The problem is, sales reps aren't copywriters.

And even if they were, it would take them an hour or two for every prospect...completely impractical!

A new way

Enter RevvedUp's latest release - our 'Campaigns' functionality.

This allows you to generate hundreds (or even thousands) of completely customised content hubs for your prospects.

Now you can do even better than one-to-few segmented messages; and no more generic 'spray and pray' approaches to sales outreach.

This is true 1:1 personalisation for all of your content, every time.

Here's how it works...

Create unique templates

To make the most of 'Campaigns' we recommend you create specific templates for each campaign, that help you to guide the AI; and to create custom variables (data-inputs) to ensure the content is completely unique to your brand.

This means it won't sound like some 'generic' templated AI written outreach, it will be completely individualised for each prospect, and yet retain brand and messaging consistency throughout, including your desired tone of voice.

Use your existing data

Once the template is ready, you can import data from your CRM, or any provider (Apollo, ZoomInfo, Cognism, Lusha, Goodfit...the list goes on), alongside their unique market insights such as intent data or technographic info.

This allows you to generate hundreds or even thousands of content hubs to make the most of the data you're already paying for, in a matter of minutes.

Create any content you need

From your campaign lists, you can then create all the content outputs you need to connect with a potential buyer.

This can include emails (and all the follow-up emails needed for a full sequence), LinkedIn connection requests and messages, call scripts, voice notes...and of course entire landing pages or digital one-pagers.

These can be created to match your existing sequences, or to wholly re-imagine them so you can move away from the stale 'bumping this to the top of your inbox' and 'breakup' steps.

Push to your existing sales engagement stack

Once you've create your content hubs, you can then push all of the data back into your existing sales engagement tools (Outreach, Salesloft, Groove, Apollo etc.) so they will atomically pull in the AI generated content from RevvedUp.

This means your team don't need to learn new tools or disrupt their workflow, it fits seamlessly into their existing ways of working.

No friction, just better content for your sales and marketing campaigns.

The result?

Every step of every sequence perfectly curated for every single prospect, delivered in your unique brand voice.

You delight your prospects, enhance your existing tool stack, and free up hours of time for your reps and marketing teams.

That's a triple win!

Why wait? I'd love to introduce you to the future today!