How to Connect with Buyers in 2024

In this webinar we explore how to connect with buyers in a very competitive market through generating unique insights that resonate with a well defined ICP.

“Only 6% [of GTM Teams] believe that their messages communicate unique insights on how they solve the customer’s problems”

This is the latest findings from Insight Revenue’s ‘State of Revenue’ research report.

In this webinar we explore how to:

  • Create ICPs that can be used as a north star for team focus
  • Earn awareness and cut through the competitive noise in your markets
  • Generate unique insights at scale, to help you connect with buyers across the sales cycle

An all-star panel was assembled to help navigate this tricky topic.

You can watch the full panel here.

And if you don't have the time to watch the whole webinar, here are 10 quick take-aways:

🔍 Unique Messaging: Only 6% of go-to-market teams believe their messaging effectively communicates unique insights to solve customer problems.

👥 Cross-Functional Alignment: Success requires alignment across sales, marketing, and product teams, ensuring everyone understands and targets the customer’s journey.

💬 Customer Understanding: Deep customer insights are essential. Listening to customer calls and engaging directly with users can uncover valuable insights.

🛠️ Use of Tools: Tools like Gong for conversational intelligence and CRM enrichment tools are vital for maintaining customer data and insights.

📊 Jobs to Be Done: This framework helps teams understand why customers "hire" their product, focusing on the end benefit rather than just features.

🎯 Focused ICP: Clearly defining and consistently revisiting the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is crucial for targeted marketing and sales efforts.

🔗 Value-Based Selling: Insight-driven approaches that connect the customer's needs with the value proposition of the product lead to better engagement and sales outcomes. Platforms likeRevvedUpmake this easier in complex teams and tool stacks.

📈 Revenue Alignment: Aligning incentives and variable compensation across teams ensures everyone is focused on the same revenue goals.

🗣️ Personal Branding: While building a personal brand can be valuable, it must be done authentically and with the intent to educate and add value to the market.

🤝 Community Engagement: Leveraging networks and communities to share insights non-commercially can help in building trust and initiating valuable conversations.

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