Unlock your sales potential with our powerful AI

Empower your team with features designed to captivate prospects, increase conversions, and accelerate the sales cycle.

Easy to Use

If you can write in Notion you can build a stunning landing page

Mobile Optimized

Stop sending sales content that isn't consumable on mobile devices

Valuable Insights

Learn how prospects are engaging with your sales content

ROI Calculators

Demonstrate the concrete value of your products with interactive elements


Embed attention-grabbing videos from top platforms

Interactive Pricing

Engage customers with pricing options that dynamically illustrate value changes

Your Branding

Use your branding, fonts, colors and custom domain

Beautiful Photos

Upload your own or choose from over 3 million photos on Unsplash

Hubspot Connectivity

One click creation of pages directly from your Hubspot CRM


Make it easy for prospects to schedule meetings by embedding Calendly

External Analytics

Connect your external analytics tools like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn Pixel

Built For Teams

Easy to manage your team and share the top performing sales content
Content that Connects

Emails that educate and convert

We match automated prospect research with your value proposition and thought leadership content to create a uniquely relevant and educational approach to building quality pipeline.
Multi-touch: Create whole sequences of emails, LinkedIn messages and calls scripts
AI-tailored: Use AI prompts to generate highly relevant content in every email - no more ‘just bumping this’
Value-add: Add insightful content to every interaction automatically with our Resource Centre
Export anywhere: Utilise your sequences in any sales engagement or CRM tool you use
engagement insights

Discover the Secrets of Buyer Engagement

Uncover your prospects' behavior and preferences, driving impactful strategies and increasing conversion rates through in-depth engagement data.

Empower your sales team with insights that can't be gleaned from traditional emails, LinkedIn conversations, PDF attachments or complex PowerPoints.
An example of visit durations on any given page for proposal.so

Track Visits and Focus Areas

Monitor the number of visits to your rooms and pinpoint the sections that capture your prospects' attention. Decide where to invest your sales efforts based on data informed decisions.
An example of some of the details you see when someone interacts with your page on proposal.so

Price and Value Discoveries

Analyze your prospects' interactions with pricing and tailored content and gain a deeper understanding of how they perceive the value of your offerings.
Google analytics logo

Real-time alerts

Integrate with Slack, Hubspot and email to receive real-time notifications whenever a prospect engages with your pages, so you can strike while the iron is hot.
Dynamic pricing

Drive Revenue with Adaptive Pricing Tables

Dynamic pricing tables adjust in real-time to reflect your prospect's selections, showcasing the value of your offerings as related to the price.
An example of a pricing table being edited in proposal.so
Real Time Adjustments: Your pricing tables adapt instantly based on your prospect's choices.
Value-Driven Presentation: Emphasize the benefits and value of each pricing option, making it easy for prospects to see the advantages of your offerings.
Customizable and Easy to Implement: Personalize your pricing tables to present your price and value the way you prefer.
Track All Interactions: See exactly how your prospects are engaging with your interactive pricing table.
video Integration

Unleash the power of visual storytelling

Add depth to your buyer room by integrating videos from popular platforms, enhancing the user experience and driving engagement.

We help you avoid sending standalone videos, ensuring your videos always have valuable context around them and drive a clear call to action.
Loom logo

Platform Versatility

Incorporate videos from popular platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Loom and Vidyard with ease.
How personalized looms look on proposal.so

Enhanced Personalization

Create a more personalized and interactive experience for your prospects.
Click my call to action

Drive Actions

Grab their attention and drive them to your call to action all in the same place.

Integrate with your Existing Sales Stack

Enhance your sales productivity by incorporating RevvedUp into your existing tech stack.
HubSpot one click creation of pages directly from your Hubspot CRM
Calendly embedded on any page to easily book meetings
Analytics connect to a wide variety of analytics and tracking tools.
Built for teams

Collaborate and Manage Your Team

Discover and share your top performing sales assets across your entire sales team with ease.
Team Analytics: Identify trends around the top performing and engaging sales content within your organization.
Share Top Performing Assets: Instantly share your top-performing sales content and proposals across your team.
Granular Permissions Control: Customize access and permissions for each team member.
Teamwork photo
your branding

Tailored to your Branding and Domain

Showcase your brand's distinct personality with custom domains and consistent branding elements on your buyer rooms.
Custom Domains
Host your pages on the domain of your choice.
Your Branding
Customize your colors, fonts and images to maintain branding consistency.
Customer's Brand
We'll pull your prospects colors and logos for you so you can include them on your pages automatically.

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